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Hey my gang of semi-colons!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and toasts and such.

We had an exceptionally beautiful Fall day here in the North Woods of Minnesota. After a breakfast of whole grain organic BLUEBERRY pancakes we headed off for a hike and exploration of our new "neighborhood". We hiked part of the Superior Hiking Trail.

I spent the entire day outside playing and enjoying the day.

Anal retentive? Not I!!! haha! That would not describe me. But I am curious to find out what's wrong with Virgos and Libras!! It has been eons since I ever read anything on them. Give me their personality make-up in a nutshell, eh SB (that's speedo boy mind you).

Hey speaking of.....where was my SB jumping outta the birthday cake present, huh huh??

Anyway my friends....thanks again for the wonderful wishes.

Lisa Rose isn't your birthday in September too???

peace, emily who is making the best of her 43 years!!!

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Hey Em--just in case yu missed me posting(went awol again)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie!!!!!!!!!
---hey--yu tried then juiced "kiwi fruits" yet??
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

ps. was gunna send yu a pic of me in a "thong" but Jen thinks it is too revealing for yu ladies--he he!!!

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Emily,

Yes, I celebrated my 43 Birthday on September 19. Why don't you send me your new e-mail address , I tried to send some pictures to you the other day but they all came back. How's everything going ?

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So glad you had a great day. May you have a wonderful year and many more to come:)


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Hey Emily,

I missed out on the last few days, I went awol too.. lol. - Wishing you a wonderful belated birthday :)

Lots of birthday hugs

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Ahoy, EM -

You know, I was all primed to jump out of a cake in my speedo, but then I got to thinking... North Woods... Minnesooota.... fall... and one word came to mind: shrinkage.

Maybe a belated cake jump inthe summer!

Happy days!

Love ya

- Sponge (that's SPONGE!!, not speedo)

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Typical male---all thoughts head south!

Thanks for the raincheck...I'll be waiting after the thaw.

peace, emily who loves snow!

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Hi Emily,

Sorry I missed out on the celebration as well. Happy belated birthday and many, heatlhy more!



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Hey, guess I missed the birthday too. Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!! Hope you had a good one. Emily and SpongeBob I want to come to the celebration too and will be anxiously awaiting the thaw.(don't know, that didn't sound too good. hehehehehehe) Should I say I'll be awaiting Spring to see SpongeBob in his speedo. Talk to you soon.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hi Em, like Kanga and some other folks around here, I tend to go AWOL every weekend with having my house completely redone, it's all I can do to climb the stairs at night and fall into my "unmade" bed!!!! Happy, happy belated Birthday and may you have many, many more. I'd love to read one of your posts when you are 83 and possibly "gumming" your blueberry pancakes (hahahahahhahaha....just had a vision)

;D :D ;D :D


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