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Regular reader, irregular poster...just wanted to let you all know that I follow your postings, your struggles and your victories. I am a 42 year old and going on 6 year survivor of stage 3 rectal cancer. For awhile there I never thought I would see 42...and for the past two weeks I have watched my daughter run cross country races at my old high school. She's now 12, and was 6 when I was diagnosed. We can even run together now. Running helped keep me sane while recovering physically and emotionally from cancer, and I run almost every day. My strength continues to grow even after 5 years. The chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were no picnic, and I admire every one of us that endures these treatments for this disease. I just want to encourage everyone here....fight the good fight...I did, and my reward has been almost 6 years of beautiful life and perfect health since that time (I have not seen a Dr. other than an oncologist in almost 5 years!). Keep on movin' surivivors...we all have miles to go before we sleep!

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Congrats Runner!! That's what I like to hear. I agree, that exercise is so important to feeling and BEING healthy.

Keep on keeping on!!!

Here's to you !


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Thanks for sharing that with us Runner. For many of us on this board, words like yours is exactly what we need to hear...both patient and caregiver alike. I, as a caregiver, definitely need to hear that for my stage III right colon cancer hubby who has more faith in his complete recovery than unfortunately, I do. He has always seen the glass more half full and I'm the half empty type...but I'm learning...learning....learning!

Thanks again and I wish for you and all on here many, many more happy and full years.


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Dear Runner,

Congratulations on your victory. I will soon celebrate my one year win with this battle so I know how happy you must feel.

I am glad that you are so healthy now and able to live life to its fullest.

Stay well.


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There are presently some really sad posts just before this one and you are an inspiration to all those who are feeling hopeless and helpless just now. I do hope they read your post and are encouraged by it. It shows that there is hope and reality of recovery. Well done!

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Z -

Way to go. Thanks for sharing your success story - it's an inspiration to all of us. Run on!

- SpongeBob

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Congrats on your 5 year push. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Runner,
My sincerest congratulations,well done. In jan I reach 7 yrs as a survivor of st3 colon, I know what you have been thru and I really do understand how wonderful it feels to reach the end of the tunnel and once more bask in the light. It is a feeling that I wish for every member of the the semi-colons and hope that they too can share our good fortune , once again congratulations I am very glad that you are still with your family and friends,best wishes Ron.

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Congratulations Runner!! No-one here I am sure minds that you post only occassionally. Your words of encouragement and reading our posts shows the sincerity in your message. We truly are one family. People like you and Ron posting here with such encouragement are what helping all our carers and sufferers is all about.
Thank you---keep running!!!!!!!!
luv kanga n Jen

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Sorry--I should clarify my comment about Runner and Ron posting.My statement should have said--it is great that long term "survivors" are still with us posting encouragement. That really shows sincerity!

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Thank you for the post. I rejoice for you - and also want to let you know how much it means to me to hear stories of long term survivors. I'm 17 mos since surgery now -- and sure enjoying counting....

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Thanks for those wonderful words of hope Runner! It IS a rough fight, but the rewards are priceless!

And WAY TO GO RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such achievements make us all realize that there ARE happy endings! (pun intended!)


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