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Cancer Bracelets

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I was brousing through posts today (off for a few days) and noticed nanuk's post about the Lance Armstrong bracelets. Although I know about his story, I was totally unaware of the bracelets.

Last October I saw this "outbreak" of pink and white crystal bracelets - lo and behold, for recognition of breast cancer. In May, my sister presented me with a blue and white version, since blue (and not brown, which may actually be a more "appropriate" color!!) is the official colon cancer color. The star symbol was unveiled recently (maybe Spring), and have been available from the ACS as pins. My bracelet has a star clasp, is made with Swarovski crystal, and I get endless compliments. My favorite part of the whole experience though is when I tell people why I am wearing it - because I have colon cancer, and am a survivor!!

I will be happy to get the name of the organization that makes them and post it on the board, but first I want to make sure that the profits they make are properly utilized for our quest.

On the other hand, after looking at the bracelet, I decided it probably didn't take rocket science to make, so I sought out the materials (fairly cheap on the internet) and have making them for my family and friends (free of charge, of course) so that support for the cause may have a louder voice.


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Hi Pewter.

They sound nice. Any chance of us seeing them? A web site or something?

Thanks Barb

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