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I had a total thyroidectomy & partial neck dissection 2-03, I received 2 large doses of I131 last year, in Oct 03 I was diagnosed cancer free (yea), about 7 months ago I started having problems with constant dry mouth and swelling in the neck when eating, I visited an ENT and he advised me that I probably had radiation settle in my salivatory glands.I went to my follow up appt yesterday & was advised that my 2 lower salivatory glands will have to be removed. I was just wondering if anyone has gone through this and has any insight?


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    HI Kristak, I have also had 2 large doses of radiation, and 6 surgeries incl. a total thyroidectomy and a bilateral neck dissection!!
    I did have some temporary salivary gland pain and swelling, but nothing like you have!! Did they instruct you to chew lots of gum, or suck on lots of hard candies to keep your salivary glands active so they would'nt clog (THey Should Have) I hope all works out for you!!
    If you would like to talk, Please e-mail me at [email protected]
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    Hi Kris, I've been a thyroid cancer patient since 1989 and I've had 1 surgery and 3 treatments and my glands have been very sore and swollen but they have gone down again. I hope you feel better. If you want to talk u can email me at
    [email protected]
    Take care
  • After 2 painful thyroid surgeries (one for each lobe), an I-131 in Jan 05, a thyroid uptake scan in June, and now my second I-131 (because the first I-131 didn't kill my papillary cancer the first time)...I sit here. My salivary glands are so completely swollen I don't recognize myself and can't even see my ears. I'm chewing a ton of gum, drinking as much water as I can, and want to cry. I just got out of the hospital yesterday after my second 1-131 treatment. B4 the treatment, being off my synthroid, I gained about 15 pounds. I'm 24, an actress, and feel so awful in my skin. Please, I'm starting to cry uncontrollably. When will the swelling go down? I'm alone at my house because I'm still radioactive and am not allowed to be around my family and friends 'till a few days. The first time I went in for I 131, I had this same swelling but it came 4 months later. Will I forever be worried about my head swelling to the size of a balloon? I hate not having control of myself. I'm back on my synthroid (day 2 so far). When will the nausea and fatigue end? What if the cancer still isn't gone? Someone please write back. My friends and family just don't understand. And any tips to get rid of the swelling?
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