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nodule in stomach

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I had a upper Endoscope done yesterday via mouth. I was told I have a small 8mm nodule in my stomach. They biopsied and I wont get the results for probably a week. I'm 31 female. What are the chances this is nothing? Dr said not to worry. How common are nodules in the stomach? He showed me a picture of it. It looked pink like the rest of the stomach lining only elevated. Thanks for any info!

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I don't know how common small nodules are in the stomach. If your doctor said not to worry, then he probably doesn't think it looks like cancer - none the less, the waiting until you have biopsy results is very hard. I hope you have biopsy results by now and that you had a good report. When my cancer was diagnosed the tumor was like a large ulcer and bleeding. It was 5.5 x 3 cm. If the nodule does contain atypical or cancerous cells, then the good news is they have found things very early.

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