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Thank You ! ! !

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Lisa Rose
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Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the kind Birthday Wishes & The Congrats on 30 month's being Cancer Free. You guys are the best and even though we've never met I feel you all as my extended family.

Judy I hope you had a great Birthday on Sept 20 and many many more to come.

SpongeBob in a "speedo" & Kanga in a "thong" now I would like to see that! ! ! You guys name the beach and I'll be there...

Love Semi-Colon,


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Lisa--pay some $$$$ into the "kanga rejuvination fund"--he he--lol
That will give me just enough to buy a new silk "thong".
Oh--n whats left over probably won't get me over there to your selected beach--hey, maybe Sponger will take yu up on that--not that it would be in my interest to see him in his speedos--lol
Course yu know Lisa--"what's good for tha guys is good for tha gals too"---he he

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Too funny you guys!


- SB

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