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Hi Guys,

I have some great news, dad got his results from the CT scan he had last week and they told him that the spots in his lungs have shrunk, the tumor in his bowel has stabalised and there are no new spots anywhere!!! Its the best news I have heard in months and Im so excited that only after two treatments already there is a good change!
My dad was over the moon and I really think this news has lifted his spirits right up. He has been feeling so good, visiting people, driving to the lake to do a spot of fishin' and even doing some gardening. I was worried he might over do it but the Doc said he can do whatever he feels like doing, and if that makes him happy then im happy too.

He goes in to hospital on Thursday for cycle 3.

Just wanted to share this with you all, you have been great :)


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That is wonderful news. I'm so happy for both you and your Dad. It's great to hear about progress and success.

Best Wishes,

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Congrats, for both you and your dad. That's awesome news. Tell him to keep up the great work!


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Belinda, That is wonderful!!! I know you and he must be so excited. Tell him to keep up the good work and he'll beat this beast. Keep us posted. You're both in my prayers.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Told ya you pre-empted the worryin thing Belinda!!! Good to hear dad is doin so well. Like I told ya Belinda--don't worry about dad if he wants to keep himself occupied--better that than mopin around the house. He knows how much he can do!
lotsa luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

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