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now, don't go getting all excited or anything

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SpongeBob and Kanga, but I just picked out the pool.

Dust off those Speedo's

You'll have to wait till Spring here in the North East, though. Unless....you are one of those Polar Bear freaks who swim in arctic waters in the middle of winter.

Barb - who will be doing sit ups as soon as she can to look fabulous in her bikini (with the football scar!!) :)

See ya in the water!!!

kangatoo's picture
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He he Barb--don't tempt me!!!!!!
I would post a pic on my website if ah thought it would cheer ya all up--only trouble is Jen has a big stick!! Can just see her now beating you all off with it!!!!---lol, lol, lol.
I am not so certain that I would like to see Sponger in his short n curlies!
Now yu gals--when the weather improves--well--"eat yer heart out Elle"
kanga"thong"--he he

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