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Just have to say...

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Hey guys...

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there are more and more people entering our little circle of semi-colons? I am SO glad that we all have this forum to share ideas (cancer-related, or not), share stories, and to bond. This particular type of cancer can have such positive outcomes, provided it's detected. Unfortunately, due to location, it's also one of the more humiliating cancers around. There is proof on this site that it doesn't distinguish between young or old, male or female, healthy or not. On one hand, I am very honored to have virtually "met" each one of you; yet, on the other hand, it's amazing how many people are affected by this condition. It's kinda like when you buy a new car, and then suddenly, you see SO many like it on the road.

So, I need to say a couple of things here...

(1) To all the "newbies"...welcome. You're in good company here.

(2) To all the "veterans"...thanks for stopping in here as often as you do to share your stories of hope and inspiration. Whether you actively respond to a posting, or just read and nod your head the whole way, you're connecting to a wonderful support system.

Finally...to all you caregivers...

Some of you are tending to your parents or spouses SO unselfishly, and for that I applaud you! As a survivor, I know what I went through, and I would easily do it again if I could prevent ANYONE close to me from having to go through it themselves. You're a very special group!

All my best,
For All of you,


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Just wanted to say, you're so awesome Stacy! THANK YOU for posting and providing such sound advice, encouragement and inspiration. Your story gives stage IVers the reason and strength to go on and push the limits. You offer us such hope which, during the low times (as you well know!), is our sole pillar to which we cling desperately!

Thanks for being you.

Lots of love,

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ditto... thanks for speaking up, and applauding others for doing the same.

I agree - such a wonderful and special group.

Anonymous user (not verified)

As always Stacey, thanks for your words of wisdom and your praise. As a care giver, your stage IV survival story was my inspiration and my hope for my Bert.

Many hugs of love and appreciation,

Monika :-D

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Hi Stacy,
Well put!
I am also amazed at how young this crowd is, and, like you, had always heard of colon cancer as an old person's disease. I was assured that I didn't have to worry for a while, since my dad was diagnosed at age 82...his cancer was advanced stage III by that time, with an occluding mass, and prob had been in him for decades. Not sure what the answer is for screenings of younger folk, but it sure speaks to the need for everyone to follow up on any suggestive symptoms.
I, too, have found this site to be inspirational, and have recommended it to any who are having contact with this disease. This journey would be a whole lot lonlier without so many buddies.
Your story is one that needs to be told again and again; so glad you are out there and in touch.
Regards, Judy

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hhhhmmmm...your post brought tears to my eyes. I have only been here since March - hubby dx in feb. of this year and I remember when i started posting there were approx. 4000 posts on this board, dont know why it caught my eye except I compared it to the other boards with breast cancer being number 1 in post numbers. Today, 6 months later there are almost double the amount of post (going on 8000). We are a remarkable bunch and yes I can relate to the seeing colon cancer everywhere now. At first, it was just my hubbys father, but when hubby was dx., I saw it everywhere. Lost my dad's cousin to it, hubbys grandmother (maternal), my brother-in-law's boss just lost his battle to it. My whole extended family is more aware of it, and hopefully we will pass the word to just the right people and it can help others before its advanced. I havent posted much lately as I am exhausted most of the time. Hubby still recovering (very nicely, I might add) from his liver resection. Pathology came back all NEGATIVE in the rest of the liver and surrounding tissues and nodes. PRAISE GOD. I am one of the caregivers you speak of. I take him to every appt., I make every phone call, I do all the paperwork, I report to social security and welfare and health insurance and drs, the kid's schools, etc. I do the finances and banking and budgeting. i make sure he takes his meds. I do the shopping and laundry and get the kids ready for school. I drive the youngest to and from school everyday. I work 30 hr. work weeks and more when I can. i go to church and keep the oldest involved in the youth group. Make sure the kids have rides. Go to support groups and a counselor. And then I research every chance I get. And come here and read posts, even if I'm too weary to reply. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers., I have done much more than i ever thought I would or could and we are keeping our heads up. The tears came as I read your post because I have been so busy, I didnt even realize it. I just do what I have to do... I meant it when i said in sickness and in health... I'd do it all again to have one more precious day with him. And now we have a shot at THE CURE. And I am truly humbled by you all here fighting a good and very brave fight. I am not nearly as brave as you are, but I do my part to beat this beast. So I say thank you to all for being here and God Bless. Peace .
Sally Jo

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Many thanks Stacey--yu said it all--it is just a shame that we are all so far from each other. Nonetheless all yu guys are in our hearts.
Sally Jo--hey -don't go apologising for not always being able to answer posts. I too am sometimes unable to reply as often as I would like but am sure everyone has other issues here and also understand that we all do as much as time allows.
Jen and I feel privelidged to know you all!!!!
luv kanga n Jen

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