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Live Strong

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Not sure I should be promoting another site, but here goes.. The Lance Armstrong Foundation-(www.laf.org) is selling Live Strong bracelets. In case you don't know Lance is a cancer survivor-(testicular w/ mets) and 6 (?) time winner of the Tour De France-he is my hero..Bud

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A dear friend of mine found them and ordered me one. Now everyone I know wants one. I ordered some and with the demand (7 million sold in less then a year. But with that demand comes a 3 weeks wait but that is okay. Thanks for letting everyone know.

Lisa P.

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Hi Bud,
I know you have found Lance's book inspirational, and I read it all in one sitting this summerin the surgical waiting room while my thyroid surgery time kept getting delayed. It was a page turner!! I knew he had survived testicular cancer, but the fact that he beat such advanced mets, AND comes back riding stronger than ever is one of the best true stories I've ever read. The staff in the waiting room thought my tears were from the 6 hour delay!!
I recommend it to everyone touched by this disease. Here's hoping the foundation goes on to accomplish more amazing things! Judy

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He's one of my heros, too. I have a picture of him right above my computer. I found his book inspirational. Thanks for the info on the link. And, LIVE STRONG!

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Does anyone but me wish that the same amount of attention that is paid to breast cancer, laf.org. etc. was paid to colon cancer?? I am not on a rant here but I feel like its my mission once my treatment is over to do SOMETHING...not everyone has breasts or testicals but EVERYONE has a colon...I just wish, and perhaps that is my destiny, to start a colon cancer movement as strong and as powerful as Susan Komen, etc. for the cause for colon cancer research, testing, cure, etc...

Sorry, just feeling very frustrated here..


P.S. Before reading this post I was on laf.org...he is definitely an inspiration..but a movement can be started for us with one or with thousands...

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I know what you mean Lisa. But don't forget we have Katie Curic and Sharon Osborn ( sorry for the spelling) on our team. And, I believe, that ultimately, each individual cancer research org. findings may lead to other cancer answers.

I wear my yellow bracelet every day proudly. My mom, sister and daughter also wear them everyday.


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Lisa, I think I feel as you do. Colon cancer gets attention in March, I only hear about it on the Today Show. Breast cancer is all year where I live.I was at the local Mall yesterday, they had two beautiful cars for breast cancer. I entered a Dept store there I saw precious little bags with bath items for breast cancer.Remember one person can make a difference.That is what we need!

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Hi Bud!

I wear my bracelet every day...they're very scarce to purchase, and have SO much meaning! Not to mention that Lance is a fine male piece of eye candy! He's a hero to all regardless of which type of cancer a person can identify with. He was ESPN's athlete of the year this year,too.


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