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Young survivors chat-what do u think?

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It appears those that came in for the young survivors chat time enjoyed it and thought it was a wonderful idea. for those that were there I want ideas about what could make it better? as in different time or day or how often you would like to do that. For those that did not come I would like to know what would make u want to come and chat with us other young survivors? yes the chat was open to anyone and others were there some descided to go to one with the others but some had stayed in 2 and chatted with us. I found it wonderful to chat with others who I had only spoken through e-mail or postings because otherwise its hard to get to know others. One idea we could do I thought of is actually do topic chats where I can put up a discussion on chat topic ideas and we can just make it a list and each chat date we come up with we can list it as a topic chat so we can talk about one main issue. we can talk about other things to but I thought this might help everyone know if they have a particular problem they need to talk about that on that day they can come in and we can all try to help with that issue.... for instance one could be "dating and relationships" where we can talk about that topic and what our problems with it are. or another could be "family and friends". I would love to hear what everyone thinks about this.....Let me know what u think in general about the young survivors chat date and time.... and what u thought if u came in.... if u werent there then what can I do to get u to join us? let me know what u think everyone!!!!! once I know how to make it better and more in tune with everyone's needs then we will try it again!

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I had a great time. I think having a specific topic such as dating would be a good idea so you kinda know which aspect to focus on. 10 eastern on Thurs is a good time as well for me atleast but any time at night would be fine as long as American Dreams isnt on! lol Everyone please try and come. Its a very cool chat! Pic

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