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cronic stomach pain post chemo

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My mom has stage III ovarian cancer. She had a complete hysterectomy in Dec 2003, followed by 6 rounds of chemo -the last was in June 2004. However since about a month she has been getting severe stomach pain. She had been admitted to a hospital twice. When on drips, her pain seems to vanish. However, every time she eats something she get all bloated out. She cant eat more than 2-3 spoons of food after which she takes bad again. She feels all gassed up and her stomach hardens beyond compare. Has anyone experienced this before? Her CT scan shows looping in the intestines but nothing else. What does that mean? Is there any other test that she can do to know more? Her CA125 count, last taken in July, was 11.

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Sorry to hear your mom is having such a tough time. I am not a physician but when I had a bowel blockage they talked about loops in my intestines and I could not eat. But would hospitalize her for that I would think. I know now while on chemo I have terrible constipation and have a hard stomach, lots of gas, you name it until I can get my stomach moving again. Is your mom having bowel movements? I take metamucil every morning and also senna plus 3 times a day until I regular again. Once your stomach stops from the chemo, meds, shots .... you name it ... it stops it... it is painful. But I know when I had the bowel blockage it was more painful than childbirth and the nurses agreed this is a terrible pain.

Ask the Drs what they mean by loops, ask them to draw a picture if you don't understand. My daughters and I did that after my surgery as we were getting bits and pieces and not being told everything. So we scheduled an appointment and one of the Drs sat down with the 3 of us and my daughter took notes so we could look at later. We also asked...WHAT does that mean? So don't be afraid to ask questions of what they tell you.

Please keep us posted and know your mom and family are in our prayers.


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I had the same symptoms as your mother and a CT scan showed I had a bowel blockage for which I was hospitalized and ended up having surgery for. It is a very serious problem. If the bowels are not moving there is no room for food to go, plus the acid from the blockage is very painful to the stomach. Surgery for the blockage is risky and could end with a bowel resection and an ostomy bag. Fortunately my Dr. was able to cut out the blockage and re-attach the intestines without an ostomy bag, but my bowels have not worked regular since. 9 months after my surgery I am having the same problems again and have a hard time eating - it's not a good thing ...

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Hi Mary
Do hope you'r case improves. Unfortunately my mum had to go in for a colostomy bag. The bag is not a problem, it's very easy to handle. However, her case is quite advanced. Overall she's not doing very well. For us, each day is a blessing.

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