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help! I need some hope.

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My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Feb of 2003. They initially said Krukenberg, but then brought it up to the Tumor Board at McGee in Pittsburgh and they decided that it was a primary ovarian cancer--early stage. Now the cancer is back in her bones and lymph nodes. She is in extreme pain. She's been in the hospital for two weeks and they have only treated her with morphine, which is causing her to be confused and disoriented. They started radiation on her back a few days ago to hope to relieve some of her pain. they will do that for two weeks and then give her 3 weeks to recoup. and then start her on carbo/taxol chem. Are we waiting too long to treat her cancer with chemo? Currently she is not eating anything and hasn't for months. I am worried about her general health and no doctors seem to be concerned that she is getting no nutrition. They have had to give her 3 units of blood since she's been in the hospital. Now she is complaining that her knee hurts. No one seems to know if this was a primary ovarian cancer that just came back (that's how they're treating it) or if it is a Krukenberg tumor, which means that it metastisized from somewhere else and they can't find the primary site. Does anyone have any experience with this? What about the length of time before her chemo starts? Is there any hope?

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Please read my post in this rare cancers section called "Alternative treatment and Cholangiocarcinoma". Though your mom has a different cancer, I think you would benefit by doing some research into the treatment which helped my wife called IPT. It is administered by MD's and has a much greate success rate than traditional chemo and radiation. On top of that the treatment makes you hungry, and often improvements are seen immediately in the patient's quality of life. Please read!
God Bless

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My mom has been receiving carbo/taxol chemo because of a Krukenburg tumor found during a hystorectomy. Just curious how your mom's story turned out. Mom's chances look better if this is a primary ovarian but if it is truly Krukenburg we just want to know what to expect, what will happen to her and how soon after her treatments stop--it would be nice to hear from someone/or loved ones who has/have been there, I realize this post was 5 years ago can anyone give me some info???

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