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i'm back !!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi guys;
hope all is well with everyone'
just got back home from colon resection surgery
all went well.was there for 6 days.
just had first bm not very good had accident.
oh well. will have to start to master new plumbing

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Welcome back and here's to a total, complete, speedy recovery :D


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Hi and welcome back. Sounds like things went very well. Good luck with the plumbing. Keep us posted.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Hiya Fed--WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
Was thinking of you when I was in hospital on the 9th--good to see yu pulled thru ok. Good to see your sense of humour was not taken away too! Takes a while for the plumbing to settle down. I found that eating in smaller quantities more regular than just the "normal" 3 meals a day helped. Oh--and rather than just water for hydration I drank hi-energy drinks--it seemed to help me get my strength back(just my opinion). LOL--won't be long before Emily gets you started on some juices!---Em--where are you????
Luv n huggs--kanga n Jen
-----------don't overdo things Fed---------

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Hope it gets better in the BM department. Enjoy every one! We are all so lucky to be here having them (gosh, I hope that was funny, I meant it to be). I am happy it all went well and you are on the mend.

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Ahoy there, fed -

Welcome back. Glad everything is "going" well for ya. I was thinking about you.

I remember when I first visited the head after my surgery; I felt like a little kid - I had to tell all the nurses about it and they clapped for me and told me "Good Job!" (funny how life is so circular, eh?) One thing I learned was that if I felt like I had gas, I just made sure I was ... uh... shall we say "sitting down" when I released it - just in case. Saved my butt (or should I say saved my under-oos) more than once!

Keep up the great recovery.


- SpongeBob

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