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hair loss/ growth

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Hi, I'm Leslie, 39 years old, and I have just finished 3 rounds of chemo. I will be going for radiation treatment next. I have a question about the hair loss. I know eveyone is different, however, I am confused. My hair has thinned somewhat, and I don't know if it will fall out completely after my last and final treatment(3 in total). If the hair that is left stays, what happens to it when new hair starts to grow in? Will it fall out then? I realize this is not as important in the big picture but what can I say, the not knowing is causing me stress..

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Hi Leslie. Same exact thing happened to me wiwth my first type of chemo. My hair thinnned out quite a bit but I didn't lose it all. When my new hair started growing back in my old hair just started growing right along with it and I soon had hair of two diferent lengths! That's why it's good to cut your hair short, so it's not as noticable when it thins and when it starts growing back. Different chemo's have different effects so you may not lose your hair at all. With the last chemo I had I didn't start to lose my hair till 3 weeks after it ended.

Don't worry everyone stresses about the hair thing at some point. They say all fear stems from ignorance and that's what makes this whole process so tough. The not knowing what's in the future. Keep asking questions. Good luck with all your treatments.

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Hi Leslie! The first time that I had chemo all my hair didn't fall out, but then I had radiation and all of my hair that recieved radiation fell out. Be prepared when your new hair comes back it isn't always the same color or texture.

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Amber 21 - how long did it take for your hair to grow back. I am 4-1/2 months out from my last chemo treatment and it is growing very slowly; can still see a lot of scalp. I am in the middle of radiation treatments to my chest. Can that affect the speed of my hair growth? Thanks.

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I had about six strands after I was finished and they eventually broke off when my new hair grew in.

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Hey Leslie
I started losing my hair 3 weeks following my first chemo treatment, I never lost it all either, it just got quite thin! I would get so mad at hair, it was everywhere, on my pillow, all in my shower, on my clothes, inside my bandanas, etc. I decided (with much thought and stress!) to finally have my boyfriend shave my head, it was the greatest thing I ever did! I felt so empowered! No more thin hair everywhere. I had the same thoughts as you, would my old hair look wierd with my new hair? I can tell you that the hair you do have is not healthy, so when your new hair comes back it will have two different looks to it! I took my bandanas off October of last year, I was actually thinking about that today! I have really enjoyed my hiar at every possible length! (some styles more than others!) I would have never cut it this short, but a year later I think it looks better than it ever did! I actually had hair grow back slightly darker (fixed that with highlights and slightly thicker which is awesome!) No drastic effects like I was thinking, red hair, shirly temple curls!!!

I hope your treatments are going well. I also had 6 rounds (12 treatments). Nice that you are halfway done.

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Hi Leslie! I had the Stanford V treatment (12 weeks of chemo) and my head went bald in 2 patches, and totally thinned. I had long natural curly and coarse hair. It is now growing back (1 month after chemo) and the bald patches have small bumps where new hair folicles are growing and the rest of my head is growing back straight and soft :) After a month of growth, I have about 1/2 inch of hair, and it is very thin.

*here's to hoping everyone's hair grows back quickly!*


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Just wanted to thank everyone for responding- it was very helpful. I wish you all the best in getting better!

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Hello, my name is Steve. I was diagnosed with stage two in December of 2000 and am currently in remission. During my treatment-six months of chemo and two months of radiation- I was working full time as a pharmacy technician and three nights a week as a guitarist in a very popular rock band in my home town- no one knew I had cancer- no hair loss. My oncologist said that I would lose it all. People are different and so are their responses to treatment. Try not to worry and best of luck to you.

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