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Hi everyone!

I saw my oncologist on Monday for the first time post-op. I had my thoracotomy two weeks ago and he says that everything is moving along beautifully (thank the Lord!). My scar is healing, my breathing is excellent, ect. He thinks we should proceed with one round of FOLFIRI and then have the surgery on the left lung in two weeks! I agree with him, as I would hate to totally recuperate from this last surgery to do it all over again. I figure bring on the pain simultaneously and the convalescence will be shorter. The pathology is still not back but my CEA is 2.6 (totally awesome as it was 8.2 at one point this summer)! My oncologist is hoping that the two surgeries will get rid of all macroscopic disease, we will do a few more rounds of chemo after the next surgery, and then I WILL HAVE A BREAK! OOH, REMISSION! There were definitely times when I didn't think it was possible... It took almost two years but I'm starting to see a finish line of sorts. It would be so nice to not be on chemo... Trying not to be too cocky, as I'm scared to jinx it, but you can never be too hopeful, right! My oncologist says IF and when it comes back (he said the word if, although I know a cure is a really, really, long shot), we will go for Avistan. Of course, this drug is not FDA approved in Canada and my doctor doesn't want me on a clinical trial because then there is the chance that I won't get the drug. So, somehow we are going to try and raise 100,000 dollars Canadian so we can go buy the drug from the US. That seems like an awful lot of money to me, but my oncologist said we will get the community involved, McGill, the hospital, ect. He suggested that the company might even offer a deal since I'm young, a student, ect. Maybe I could do ads for Avistan... "Got metastatic CRC, just take Avistan and you'll feel great!". We shall see. There are a lot of ifs and buts, however I am pleased that my oncologist is thinking ahead. Sorry this is such a long message. Had to type it out so the good news could sink in!

Lots of love to everyone and have a wonderful day!
Andrea, who is now trudging off to what might be one of her last rounds of chemo for awhile!


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    Andrea, that is so wonderful!!!! After 2 years, I'm sure you're ready for a light at the end of the tunnel. And like your doctor said "if and when" it comes back, you deal with it then. We'll be praying that it will never return. Miracles do happen all the time and who knows, you just might be one of them. I love everyone here and pray for each of you daily. Keep us posted.
  • Hi Sweetie! You're starting to post messages like me...long and informative, I call them. I enjoy reading them so much and wouldn't have it any other way. Terrific news and I'm so very, very happy for. As Kanga always says, Bert too has a chair right next to him waiting for you in the NED's room and we are both praying to dear God Almighty that that room gets very, very full!!

    Lot's of hugs from you Canadian buddy in Southern California

    Monika, and Bert of course :-D
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    Hi Andreae, so glad to hear the good news. You deserve it girl keep the faith be strong, you will survive. Montiel
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    livin said:

    Hi Andreae, so glad to hear the good news. You deserve it girl keep the faith be strong, you will survive. Montiel

    Hey Andrea----sweetie--if you don't come sit next ta Bert n me in these comfy recliners I swear I'm gunna walk on water!!!!!
    Then they will give me another nick!!!!(waterwheels??)
    Now don't you go thinkin those negative thoughts girl or Kanga's blood pressure is gunna go orf tha scale again!
    luv n huggs Kanga n Jen
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    Andrea: you are such a trooper..I don't know how you do it; I'm such a sissy in comparison. I couldn't do anythig while on the chemo, let alone go to school, have surgery, more chemo, etc. Best wishes on the up-coming surgery; sending energy and prayers for NED. BTW, have you contacted CSN RE fund raising? they might have some ideas. Bud
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    hey sweet baby girl!

    Great news for you!

    So is Avastin supposed to be an anti-angiogenesis kind of agent? Do I remember that correctly? Something that cuts off the blood supply to the tumor?

    Well if it is then mataike mushrooms do the same thing as does shark cartalidge (sp?). You can get both those items at you coop, maybe even walmart? Point is there are things that you can purchase on your own until you know if you get the Avastin or not--if that is what I think it is.

    correct me if I'm wrong.

    peace, emily who is hoping this is it for you and that remission is right there for ya! :-)
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    Hi Andrea, I was thrilled to read your post; Nanuk stole my word, but you ARE such a trooper. Keep up the courage and attitude, we'll keep up the prayers and postive thoughts (((((( ))))))), Judy
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    Hi Andrea,
    I am so glad that you are getting better. We don't get guarantees but it sounds like things are going wonderfully!!!!!! You should be so proud of yourself for that wonderful attitude. I send positive and powerful survivor thoughts to you.
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    Ahoy, Andrea -

    What awesome news. I am so happy for you!

    Hey I'll be happy to donate at least a couple hundred US to your fund - that's what, about 50,000 Canadian, right?

    Drop a note and let me know where to send the check.

    - Sponge