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Oh Canada!

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Hey GO Canada!

World Cup Hockey!

Was that exciting or what?

just wanted to celebrate with my Canadian neighbors in their hockey glory.

(what can I say...I live in Minnesota where hockey is a religion and my son was baptised in it haha)

peace, emily who is married to a Canadian born in the States (spittin distance from the border)

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It was a GREAT victory for Canada! We needed that metal. After all - it is our sport! YEAH - CANADA!!!


toronto girl :)

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Hi Emily!

Just wanted to join you in saying yeah! Montreal loves its hockey and everyone was going crazy downtown... I actually postponed chemo till today because I wanted to watch the game with my friends last night! Hope all is well with you and the family (I saw the picture of you and your daughter... unbelievably adorable!).

Be well and happy,

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hip, Hip Hurray! Hip, Hip Hurray.

From that misplaced Canadian, born in Germany, but raised in Ottawa, Canada Monika who really hasn't a clue what she is doing out on the West Coast in Southern California!!! It's too damn hot!!!

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