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Waiting for news

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Hi Guys,

My dad had a CT scan yesterday to hopefully give us all an idea of how his body is reacting to his chemo. I think the results will come on Friday, but I am just so worried that its going to be something I dont want to hear. I guess that dad has been having more better days then bad ones (which is great) but yesterday he looked really sick, especially with all the crap that the docs give you before a scan. I know that he gets bored really quickly cause he is the type of guy who needs to keep busy. Some days i worry that he pushes himself, but i kinda think that if he has the energy and is feeling well then he should go and do the things he enjoys. Im hoping for nicer weather here in oz cause it still feels like winter, i think the sun makes you happy hehe.

Anyway I have been told not to rely on these results to much as it is still to early to see the full effects. I just wanted to ask you guys to pray for good results :) I am trying to stay positive but the waiting game is the one i hate playing.

Thanx for listening

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Hi Belinda,

You and your Dad will be in my prayers. I hope he receives great news about the scan. Is this his first scan since starting treatment ?

Best Wishes,

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Hi Belinda, I will be praying for good results from his scan. I know what you mean about the crap the doctors give you before a scan. I can't drink anything like that. I get deathly sick. They even tried using th NG tube to put it down and the nurse said, won't you don't taste, can't make you sick. Boy, did I fool her. When they got me to my room, there was not one place in the room that I didn't upchuck on. Kinda gross, I know. I wish you and your dad all the luck in the world and I will be praying daily for you both.
Love and prayers, Juyd(grandma047)

Anonymous user (not verified)

I know how difficult the "waiting game" can be...been there many times myself and we as care givers tend to worry a lot more because we feel so helpless. I only want to share with you to remember to keep positive thoughts and to try not to worry too much about something that you cannot change anyway. It will be what it will be and all the worrying in the world won't change it. Easier said than done from someone who literally got themselves ill from worrying so much (guess who...yup, me). I learned a major lesson and every time I start up again, I remember how sick I got...literally from worrying.

Sending you positive, positive vibes and prayers for only good outcomes.


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Belinda---there is nothing more natural than being scared to death of the unknown. God knows just how worried Jen was for me. Hey --look at it this way--speaking as a "survivor" I'll bet that your dad is more worried about his family than himself. It scared the hell outa me thinking just how bad Jen and the kids worried.
Dad's reactions are justifiably normal--and being a "busy" chap like I was he would definately get bored. Don't worry about how he may "seem" to overdo things--hey--his body will tell him what he can and can't do and in the words of my oncologist--he told me-"do what I can when I feel like it"
Keep yourself well Belinda--try not to worry --yeah, I know, 'tis hard.
lotsa love Kanga n Jen

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