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Here we go a travelling...

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Hello all:
We have received the "okay" from Duke Univ Hosp that Hubby's tumor while "quite large appears removable". He will undergo a pelvic exenteration next Wed. He'll be in ICU for a couple of days but hopefully out by Saturday, his 48th birthday. The hospital stay itself should be around 7 - 10 days. We are both very apprehensive as this is quite life altering surgery but at this point we have exhausted all options. We are doing 24 hour TPN to try and get Bobby's strength and weight up. He has been unable to really eat alot between the obstruction, pressure on the stomach, etc (the list goes on). He is sooo tired of the fatigue, nausea,pain, etc that he is ready for the surgery. I do have a couple of questions. "Have any of you had intraoperative radiation?" "Do any of you have both a urostomy and a colostomy"?

It has been a tough year and 1/2 and we wish the first go round had been successful at removing this awful disease but .... well that was not to be. But this time...we will succeed and those great surgeons with the help of God Almighty will remove every shred of that cancer. Please keep us on your prayer list as it really DOES make a difference.
Thanks! Grace

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Is intraoperative radiation the kind that you are opened up and they radiate your insides? If so this is the kind my sister had and I used to clean her wound after the procedure. The radiation was so powerful that the walls had to be SIX FEET thick!!! yowza!

Hope all goes well for your hubby. What is a pelvic exenteration anyway?

keep us posted.

peace, emily

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hello grace. i am sorry to hear that surg for your husband again but i am glad to hear the tumor is operable. in 03 i had 3 tumors removed in my gastro area and one was in my pelvic by the aorta. she was a fantastic surgeon though and got it all within 1mm and biopsied the area. i did have intraoperative radiation and had not probs at all with it. i was not in icu i went form surg to a regular room. i pray that the Lord give you peace and strength at this time and that He guide and direct every person who will have care over your husband. take care


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I am so sorry to hear of the trouble your husband has been having. I will pray for him for a successful operation and recovery. I will also pray for you as we caregivers need extra strength too.

Best Wishes,

Anonymous user (not verified)

You've got our prayers....and than some!


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Grace--understand the apprehension--gee--things get so tough but all the prayers here for you guys will help you get thru this.
I too got to the stage that although the thought of surgery worried me I REALLY looked forward to being on the other side of it!
Our very best from OZ,
luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

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