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Clomid, Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

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I'm trying to find other women who have used clomid and were later diagnosed with breast cancer. Information I'm looking for: length of time between use diagnosis of cancer.
Pregnancy and time to diagnosis.
Age of mom at pregnancy or fertility treatment.

If you want to contact me, I will watch this discussion forum to contact you further. Thanks.

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Hi lasmith:

I don't know a lot about the fertility drugs but according to the research, Clomid is considered one of the "safest" (?) of the lot. Prescription info, across the board, state that it's given for only 5 days of the cycle and if conception hasn't taken place within several months, the drug is discontinued and another drug instituted. Evidentially, (per research) if Clomid doesn't work within 6 months, it isn't going to work. I did find one reference to a report of some years ago which had suggested a weak link between Clomid and cervical cancer but that study was later found to be flawed and the study discounted by the scientific/medical community.

Hoping someone else here can provide more info or share a personal experience.

If you search the message board here (about 18 months back) you will find the stories of a few women who had breast cancer and chemo while pregnant and had healthy babies! Hope their stories may be uplifting to you.

Best wishes!

Love, light and laughter,

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Hi, I read that neither the American Cancer Society nor the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation list the use of fertility drugs as a risk factor for breast cancer. The majority of scientific evidence suggests that you won't develop cancer solely because of your use of fertility drugs. This information is based on what I've read, however, and not on personal experience.

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Hi....I took Clomid when I was 31, had my daughter at 32, and was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40. I had my son at 35 and didn't use any fertility drugs for that pregnancy. You can contact me at jamjar62@yahoo.com if you want anymore info.


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I took clomid for two cycles, gave up trying to get pregnant and got pregnant the following month. I was 35 when I had that baby. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years later at 46.

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I was not on clomid but on pergonal and some other stuff I can't remember. That was when I was 30 finally conceived had my babies when I was 35 and found out about my breast cancer at age 41. I don't think this will help you much since I was not on clomid but I do remember worrying about cancer at the time of taking all those infertility drugs! I am now 42 and I ended treatment 12/2003.

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Hi all,
Thanks for your response. I have also read that there is no link between clomid and breast cancer, but still it has me wondering. My physician had mentioned a slight increase in the risk of breast cancer due to use of the drug; I guess my concern is due to the fact that the drug/medical community warn against the use of HRT and birth control pills, yet everyone is silent about the hormones used for fertility treatment. I also read somewhere that you should not go beyond 6 cycles; I received 10 to 12.

I'm wondering if there shouldn't be some protocol for following pregnant women who had received infertility drugs more closely for breast cancer potential. My complaints of lump, inverted nipple, swollen breast, etc. all which occurred while I was pregnant, were not followed up with any diagnostic tests to see what was going on. I was not diagnosed until my daughter was 9 mos. Had it been caught sooner, I might not have metastic disease.

Thanks again.

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Yes I agree there should be a protocol for following women. I had irregular periods and was not able to concieve. Took two cycles of clomid, in 1984. Had one son that way and two more children on our own. They are all fine and healthy grown ups now. I was diagonosed with lobular carcinoma and ductal carinoma in 2012 fall. Still in radiation treatment and will do the hormone receptor therapy.

I was 26 at the time of taking the clomid and 27 when my son was born. I am now 54. 

I have no other risk factors and was totally blow away. Always ate my veggies and have a modset lifestyle. Feels pretty random to me. 

thanks for starting this thread. I am curious to know if the clomid is a factor in cancer. 



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I first took clomid in 1990 for 1 month, had my daughter at age 30. Took clomid again in 1992 for 8 months, had my son at age 32. Was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 at age 38! lumpectomy and chemo. In 2005 diagnosed again and had masectomy. I am now 1 week away from turning 51 and my kids are 19 and 21 (next week).

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I used Clomid 41 years ago at the age of 25 to conceive a 2nd child.  It worked.  I got breast cancer 40 years later, both breasts, mulifocal.  Hope this helps your search

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I took Clomid for a few months in 1996, then some injections, AI followed by a pregnancy and delivery 5-97.  Diagnosed initially 12-2003.  Age at pregnancy was 37.

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I took Clomid when I was 37 for 3 cycles but never got pregnant. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 43.

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I also took clomid at age 28 but wasn't diagnosed with BC until 52. My BC was Triple Negative not estrogen or progesterone positive. I wonder what type of BC all the rest who answered were.


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I took clomid twice about 6 years ago to help me conceive and it failed. Two years ago I was diagnosed with DCIS and had bilateral mastectomy. There is no history of breast cancer in my family either.

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I took two  months of clomid, after not being able to become pregnant for over a year.  I do not  remember the dosage amount.  Here I am 41 years later with breast cancer, after nursing 3 children.  Had always hoped that breastfeeding would let me skip breast cancer. I had progestrone and estrogen positive Lobular invasive and DCIS in the right breast only. I am 65 and have just gone through reconstruction.


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