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mom has bone mets

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My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in feb 2003. They started out saying that is a krukenberg tumor which means it is a metastasis from somewhere else. They couldn't find it anywhere else so they decided that is was early stage ovarian cancer. We thought all was great. She's been sick for the last few months and was finally hsopitalized because of vomitting, not eating and extreme back pain. Now they found enlarged abdominal lymph nodes, numerous spots on her bones, and ca125 of 126. We are all shocked and devasted. It has taken them over a week to figure out what to do. now they are going to start radiation on her back to relieve some of her pain. chemo won't be started until after 10 -12 radiation treatments. Does anyone have experience with this type of metastasis. What are we looking at? Are they treating her aggressively enough?

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