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Stacy...Are you the blond or the brunette?

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In the latest edition of the online newsletter, there is a piece written by you with a picture. Very good article and so nice to see your everpositive smiling face!!!!


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I'm the blond...the brunette is actually a redish-brown Sharon Osbourne from when I had the opportunity through this web site (thanks again, Jose!) to meet judiths & SpongeBob in person on her show in Hollywood back in March.

Thanks (blush)!


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Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

WOW!!!!!!! Very cool. Is there a way one could see it or something. I would love to see it!!!! Of course, I will thinking about the new SB...I won't go into specifics.

I guess that shows how much I recognize famous people these days. Durn chemo brain!!!!

Very, very neat to all 4 of you (SB, Judith, Jose and you). You just made my month with that!!!

A big ole heart warmed smile,
Lisa P.

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where is the article??

Gotta check it out!

peace, emily

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