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Update!! Bob is HOME!!!!

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Hello Everyone!!!! I want to Thank all of you again!!!! I brought Bob home about 7:00pm last night. He headed right for the couch and his favorite show - "COPS". He was his old self again, yelling at the TV. It was music to my ears!!!! He was his old self today. Outside working on getting the bugs out of the Scout so we don't have any more trouble with it. It wasthe best medicine for him. My oldest brother even stopped by this evening. What a surprise that was!!! He drove 4 hours jsut to see how we were doing and stay a couple of hours and went back home. He wouldn't stay over. I was so glad to see him as we only see each other a couple time a year. Bob really enjoyed his visit as he can talk to him as he is a cancer success story. They really helped each other!!

We have an appointment this coming Friday with Bob's doctor to see how he made out finding a new treatment. Hopefully he did as he was talking to the people doing the trials as Bob was in the hospital. They are still in all as to how severe Bob's reaction was. I will let all of you know what they come up with!!! WE are over due for some good luck I think!!!!! Something has got to give.

Thank You all very much for caring!!!!! WE wouldn't know what to do with out all of you!!!!

Bob is standing behind me tell me to type faster. He want to give you guys a message.

it is bob here.- sue's sponge bob - i am not quiting!!! i have never done anything the easy way so way should i start now. sue can have the couch if she buys a bigger one fit for 2. i hate to type so i will stop with 2 more words--- THANK YOU!!!!!

I have the keyboard back again.

We will let all of you know how we make out!!! Maybe with this next step we can help some of you guys out with good news that there is more available out there!!!!

Best Wishes and Prayers to all!!!

Bob and Sue

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Ahoy, Sue & Bob!

What wonderful news! Sue, I guess that means you've lost your spot on the couch - but somehow I suspect you don' really mind.

Bob - you have the right 'tude brother. Stay in the fight and slay that dragon. Glad you're back home.

You guys ever need anything at all - holler!

- Spongebob (currently hanging out and having a brew with Ivan)

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Jen I are real pleased yu have got back home Bob---stay well n safe mate!
Oh--btw--Jen says ya gotta type usin both hands. "AND using just one finger will not do!!!!!"
luv kanga n Jen

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Glad to hear Bob is home.

Sounds to me like you have an invitation to buy a new couch, Sue.

When should I pick you up to go shopping? :)


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I'm so happy that things are looking up and remember, you are both on a roll now...only good things ahead :-D


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Hey Sue & Bob
Glad to hear that things are looking better and Bob is home!!!
Im sure that good luck is coming your way guys :)

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