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Could this be?

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I am just digesting this and am so afraid. You always think the worst, but still so unknown. I have been having pain in my lower ab and back for the past several months. It is worse during my cycle, to the point I can't sleep. I have never had symptoms during my period...so this is new. My ob/gyn did an ultrasound about 8 weeks ago and found a cyst/mass on my left ovary. She ordered a CA125 which she said was okay (I don't know what that means...count wise). We did a followup ultrasound last week and I met with her yesterday for the results. Seems the cyst/mass is larger. She is concerned that is could be ovarian cancer. She had several options for treatment and I am trying to figure out where to go from here.

She suggested "the wait and see option" as hormones for six more weeks to see if the growth shrinks. My fear is that if it is ovarian cancer, I don't want to waste time.

The other option is surgery to remove the ovary. I don't want to be an alarmist, but it seems by all I have read that this cancer is agressive and if we are lucky enough to catch it early, don't waste time.

You are all so brave and have so much information to share...does anyone have any suggestions or comments? Thank you for your help!


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Jennifer I would never do the wait and see, I would be the aggressor and not give cancer a chance to be. Good Luck in what ever you decide. I was dx. with stage IIIc I didnt really have any symptoms I payed attention to. So to be fortunate enough to catch it now is a blessing. God Bless You and keep us informed. This is a great place to come.

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It takes a lot of courage to face the possibility of cancer head on, but you are doing the right thing. I would suggest, though, that you insist on being referred to a gynecological oncologist. The initial surgery, which includes removal, biopsy, and staging of any questionable tumors and/or hysterectomy, is critical in getting through ovarian cancer with the best possible odds.

You can find tons on good info on line, but the book I found most helpful as a starting point is Ovarian Cancer; Your Guide to Taking Control, by Kristine Conner and Lauren Langford.

Be strong, Jennifer, and I will keep you in my prayers. This is a wonderful site for encouragement.


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I heartily agree with Jeanne. Go see a gynecologic oncologist for a second opinion. CA-125 tests are not conclusive for ovarian cancer because there's only a 50% chance a lower stage cancer will cause it to be high. Ovarian is a rapidly growing cancer, and time is not on your side if you have it.

My ob/gyn didn't hesitate to refer me to a gyn/onc in a larger city, where they do many more gyn surgeries than in our small city. They said I was only the second 1C ovarian they had seen in their office, so I feel extremely fortunate. I wasn't dx with ovarian orginally. My original dx was with uterine cancer. My ovarian cancer was not apparent by any of the testing that had been done.

Good luck to you, and I hope your outcome is a good thing for you.

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The ladies here have given you good advice. Catching this thing early is paramount in curing it. I would rather force the issue now and be wrong than to miss it and find out later you have late stage disease. I did not push my docs and was Dx Stage 3 and now on my 1st recurrence.


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I agree with the above responses. Insist that you be referred to a certified gynecologic oncologist, even if it means you have to travel to see one. Do not let a regular gynecologist or surgeon operate on you if ovarian cancer is suspected. Also though the CA-125 may not be elevated, ask for a repeat if it's been at least 4 weeks since the last one was taken, and get copies of all your lab and ultrasound reports to go with you to your referral. The book mentioned is great.

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