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Under 21s different totally than over..

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I'm not discussing the "single section" again posted a reply under get a room. I think that instead of age being 25 it should be limited to 21. Dating and relationships are totally different because those over 21 can go clubbing, we can't. We should seperate the rooms and chat out with the 21 year old cap instead of 25.

This would be for all the SAME REASONS posted earlier on boards about how those of us in school and graduating is very very different than those who can go out. Jimmyceesall

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Its not different.... u may be able to drink at over 21.... but that doesnt make dating and relationships different. you are still haveing some of the same issues or had them before and can be of help to those younger and those that are younger can be of help to those over 21. Clubbing has nothin to do with it neither does the bar sceene because not all those 21 or over are into the bar/club scene.... hope this helps u jimmy.

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Well just because you are over 21 means you can go to a club, but maybe u dont want to, I mean women you meet in a club, lets face more than likely arent the kind you want to keep a steady relationship with, Ive been a cancer surviver for 12 years now, and its still the same. Nothing changed when I turned 21 except maybe competition got younger.

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