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Semi-Colons -

I would like for you all to give a big welcome to my personal friend Sea_detail. He and I worked together for a few years during the time that I was going through diagnosis, surgery and chemo. Now he has officially joined our ranks as a semi-colon. I have told him a lot about you all and what a great group you are, so please treat him nicely for at least a couple of days, then you can start in with accusing him of eating raw monkey butt, counting bathroom floor tiles for sport, and all of the other insensitive things we... er... you all do.

Like I told him, sorry you're here, but it's a great bunch of folks.

Thanks, guys

- SpeedoBoy

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Of course, Sponge er or is it now SpeedoBoy?? Sounds kind of kinky - anyway back to the subject of our new "semi-colon". Of course, welcome Sea_detail - we welcome you with open arms, lots of advice, prayers, laughter and whatever else you need to help you get through this chapter of your life. We are here, through thick and thin.....literally and figuratively.

SpeedoBoy, any friend of yours is a friend of ours!! Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.

I have a CT scan scheduled for October 14 and am getting a bit nervous, but I feel pretty good otherwise. Been thinking of you as you are protecting our shores - take care.


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Crikey!!!!!nother seafarer added to the ranks!.Hey, welcome Sea_detail!!!
Hope Sponger/Speedoboy warned ya about gettin involved with landlubbers?????--lol
Sorry to see yu here mate but there is no greater place in webland to be for advice/ support. There's a lotta love goin here too and its free!!!
Looking forward to chewin tha fat Sea_detail.
luv n huggs from OZ--kanga n Jen

BTW Bob------"Speedo's?"---thong or a-la-natural?--lol

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Hey Kerry--always thinkin of ya.All tha best in a few weeks --keep us informed.
luv kanga n Jen

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Hiya, Kerry!

Thanks for the post. I don't know which is worse the CT prep or the scope prep. I did find something to help with the scope prep - mix it with margarita mix - I left out the tequilla. I guess the CT contrast is supposed to be fine by itself, it's just once you get past a half gallon it doesn't really matter how god it tastes, eh?

Keeping you im my thoughts, Kerry. Let us know how it goes.

Be well,

- SpongeBob

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Welcome to the group. Im not offically a semi colon but my mom is. I'm a cargiver to my mom who is doing great after pre operative chemo & radation & surgery. She's now on her clean up chemo and she's feeling pretty good.

julie : )

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WELCOME sea detail!

A friend of Spongers is a friend of ours......naturally. Belly up to the bar and get your blueberry smoothie or your organic carrot juice. Just you wait.....you may laugh at me now but you'll see...... heh heh.

Sorry you pulled semi-colon detail. But if you have to be here ...well.....you've found a fun group of folks.

peace, emily the resident granola

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