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partial hepatectomy procedure details?

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Hi! I am actually a cervical cancer survivor, and entered remission three years ago. Now, at the age of 29, there is a pesky lesion on my liver that keeps growing. I've had it biopsied and it came back benign, but it's growing quite rapidly so they think they either missed some cancer cells on the biopsy or it's a benign tumor that's growing. Either way they want to do surgery to remove it. I'm not familiar with the procedure details for liver surgery. Is it in-patient? Does it take long (it's by my spine, so it was difficult to get to for the biopsy - they had to go in between my ribs)? What's the recovery entail? Is it painful?

I've had a radical hysterectomy at the age of 26, so I feel that I can handle pretty much anything. But not knowing is the WORST. Could anyone fill me in?

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I just saw this message. I am sure you have had your surgery by now. I had 1/2 of my liver removed in Frbruary. It is pretty painful and takes a long time for recovery. It takes at least 6 weeks. I was in the hospital for a week and on a lot of pain medications. It took a good few days to be able to walk without a lot of pain. I still feel my scar and it hurts on some days. I am sure with everything you have been through this will be a peice of cake. I had only had 2 surgeries prior to this and it was to remove my Gallbladder and a C-section.
I hope this helps. If you have any more questions please ask. Good luck.

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