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blood work

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hi everyone,
my mom is on her 2nd treatment of chemo post op and she just got her blood results from yesterdays appointment. The doctor said she can continue chemo but her white cell count seems to be a little low. Is that normal?

If I'm not mistaken I think chemo attacks the white blood cells so thats why it would be low.

6 months after diagnosis, chemo, radiation, surgery and more chemo and mom is up & about feeling great!

julie :)

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Im responding to my own posting. I checked the web and it is normal for white blood cells to drop.

Wishing everyone well -

julie :)

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Even though you replied to your self (!) , I thought I would add my bit. From our experience, it depends how low the blood count is....it could still be just above an exceptable level in which case the chemo would still be administered. With my husband, he was still given chemo when his count was a bit low as he was considered high risk and his oncologist felt it was more important for him to get his chemo. The white blood cells have a way of bouncing back anyway.

Best of luck!

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hi littlejulie,
yes it is normal for the white blood cell count to drop while on chemo. once your mom stops chemo and everything it will go back to normal. it does take awhile though. i sure hope your mom is doing ok?

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Hi Julie.

I just had my 3rd treatment of oxy/5FU and leuc. yesterday. My white counts dropped too. I have to go in on Monday and if they dropped any more, I'll be getting shots of something to bring the counts up again. My red cell counts were great, that's why I'm not really all that tired!

My visiting nurse said that no one gets away with out dropping their white counts on this treatment. I don't know if that's true, but that's what she said.


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Hiya Jules--hey--yu know what tha first sign of insanity is?
"talkin to yerself"
2nd sign--------"flamin answerin yerself!!!!"--lol

Just kiddin sweetie. Hey--great to hear mum doin ok. Just make sure you n her keep good hygiene practices, specially preparing food and contact with other people that may be feeling unwell.(even a simple common cold can cause problems) The 'ol low count can play havoc with immunity to infections so be real carefull.
Luv to you n mum--kanga n Jen

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