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Nutritionist - Dr. Keith Block

deneenb Member Posts: 130
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1

Has anyone seen Dr. Keith Block in Evanston Illinois ? My Dad saw a licensed nutritionist (who was an oncology nurse for 20 years) this past Tuesday. She was wonderful. She is tailoring a diet for my father to follow which is designed to create the best possible environment for his own body to fight the cancer. She has several patients that have worked with Dr. Block and she has worked with him too on different medical panels, etc. She highly recommends him. I have read articles about him and by him prior to having him recommended. He is having amazing success with treating cancer using a nutritional/supplemental approach along with traditional chemo, radiation & surgery.

I am going to talk to my father about making an appointment to go see him and was wondering if anybody else has seen him.

Thank You,


  • cmtwendel
    cmtwendel Member Posts: 4
    I haven't seen Dr. Block but from my experience with cancer nutrition is a big part of treament for cancer patients.
    Best of luck to your dad,
  • carmen07
    carmen07 Member Posts: 120
    Have not heard of Dr. Keith Block, but will look him up on the internet and ask my sister-in-law out in Ill if she has heard of him. She is also a RN.
    Best of luck to you and your Dad. You are a wonderful daughter to do all this research for your Dad and help him with his fight to beat this Cancer.
    Prayers are with you both.