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don't belong

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Joined: Sep 2004

well i was told yesterday by csn lady from Austin texas, that because my Dr. has not said what the dianogisa is that i don't belong to csn. i have already had a brain tumor removed in 1972, but to her didn't count either. So i don't stay where im not wanted or don't belong....good bye to ya'll....rest in peace....houstonMoss@msn.com

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Joined: Mar 2004

please don't feel like that from one ignorent person. once you have had cancer not matter when you will always be a survivor. your dr. may just be throught befor telling you what it is you have. hearing the c word can do more than not knowing. so come join the chat room and still check in from time to time. hope you stay around but what ever your choice is be well and i hope all works out for you.

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Joined: Mar 2004

Please come back. You don't have to have cancer to come to the chat room. There are survivors, caregivers and those in treatments. Some people are so ignorant and I am sorry that this happen.

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Joined: Nov 2007

There is a lady that lost her husband 10 years ago. And she still goes to the CSN chat room. So please don't let anyone tell you that your not invited. I was a caregiver, and you are always wanted. That person doesn't have a heart and god forbid if they ever get cancer and someone tells them they don't belong somewhere!!!!! Come back to the chat room or discussion board. You are welcome by all here.

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