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Bob is in the Hosp. BAD REACTION!!!!

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Hello Everyone!!! I promised that I would let you know how Bob made out with his first treatment on the new drug Erbitux. I was hoping to give you guys good news but it isn't. Bob only received about 5 minutes into the treatment when all H--- broke loose!!!! To make a long story short as I don't want to ramble. Bob almost died on me today. He is in ICU right now. Bob told me to leave and go home so he wouldn't worry about me getting home. I am besides myself!!!! His Doctor was shocked as to how severe it was. He said that only about 3% have a reaction and they have never had areactin as severe as Bob's was. I thought I lost him prematurely. He is one h--- of a fighter!!!! Please if you guys can squeeze in an extra prayer or thought for him tonight I know it will help him get through this!!!! I will be there bright and early tomorrow morning and will let you guys know tomorrow night how he is doing!!! Thank You for your thoughts and prayers!!!!


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Wishes and prayers headed your way. I am sooo very sorry your agony continues. Just for you to know, this shows how strong you both are.

Hang in there for yourself and Bob. Fight onward.

you will be on many prayer lists tonight. jana

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So sorry to hear that Bob had such a bad reaction.
My prays are with you both. He is a fighter and I pray that he will be on the road to recovery.

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So sorry to hear that Bob had such a bad reaction.
My prays are with you both. He is a fighter and I pray that he will be on the road to recovery.

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consider it done.prayers are headed your way.remember that there are people who care.never give up!

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How truly scary fo ryou both. You both have my prayers for the strength to make it through this step. MJ

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I am so sorry that you are both having such a rough time and that Bob had a bad reaction. You are both strong and together you will get through this. I will be praying hard for you both.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Oh Sue,
How awful that must have been for you, Bob sounds like a very strong person and a real fighter..I'll be praying for you tonight and I truly hope that Bob will be feeling much better when you go see him tomorrow.
Thinkin of ya

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Sue and Bob I am so sorry for a the garbage you are going thru. I hope you are doing ok today. Bob and you are both very strong people. You'll get thru this!!

Many prayers are being said for you and Bob. Think positive and stay strong.

Let us know how he is doing.

All my love,


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Sue and Bob -

You guys hang tough. Sue, I know you have said that Bob is a one-in-a-million, now you know he's a 3%-er. Glad they caught the reaction quickly and were able to stabilize his situation. Let Bob know I said that if he wanted to give you the opportunity to sleep on the couch (reference you posting when you got home from last weekend's show) he could have picked someplace better than ICU to spend the night!

Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Oh Sue--we are so sincerely sad that Bob has had this horrid reaction. Please tell him his friends in Australia are praying for him. We want him to know that we are thinking of him in our prayers and his strength is a part of our great family here.
Keep the faith Sue---all our love--kanga n Jen

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I am sending prayers your way and will continue to do so. I am so sorry that you and Bob have to deal with this complication. Be strong and have faith.

Best Wishes,

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Dear bob and sue!

I am so sorry to hear of the reaction! My prayers are with you both.

If you decide to take a different route other than chemo after this I can help point you in the direction.

peace, emily

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Has anyone seen Dr. Keith Block in Evanston Illinois ? My Dad saw a licensed nutritionist (who was an oncology nurse for 20 years) this past Tuesday. She was wonderful. She is tailoring a diet for my father to follow which is designed to create the best possible environment for his own body to fight the cancer. She has several patients that have worked with Dr. Block and she has worked with him too on different medical panels, etc. She highly recommends him. I have read articles about him and by him prior to having him recommended. He is having amazing success with treating cancer using a nutritional/supplemental approach along with traditional chemo, radiation & surgery.

I am going to talk to my father about making an appointment to go see him and was wondering if anybody else has seen him.

Thank You,

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Hi Sue, sorry to hear about Bob's situation. Hope all turns out ok. Keep the faith.

Linda (Baltimore)

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I'm sorry. Please disregard my post about Dr. Block. I was trying to start a new discussion and somehow ended up responding to Sue's post. I guess when I responded to her this morning somehow that screen stayed up and took my new post as well.


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