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cervical,spine, and lung cancer

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Hi, my name is Kristi. i am 33 and i was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2000 and it came back in 2002 on my spine and back again this year on my lung. I am considered terminal. i was just wondering if anyone has had cervical cancer and it spread to the lungs? I developed a bad cough last year and the doctors found out the cancer had spread to my lungs. I had radition back in jan and Feb. of this year. I still have a cough and it's getting worse, but there are no signs of cancer, ijust had tests done 2 weeks ago. I know it's probably a side effects of radiation and I was wondering has anyone experienced this and if so what can I do about this cough? It is worse when I lie down and when i eat. I cough so hard and so much that I end up throwing up. I have a lot of phlem that comes up. It is very embarrassing when my husband takes me out to eat and I cough and cough. People tell me all the time when they hear me cough that I need to have it checked out by a Dr. but if they only knew. The Drs. have put me on tylenol with codeine and it's helps, but soon as it wears off my cough is back and I hate taking pain pills especially the ones that make you feel dopey all the time. I have a family and they don't need me dopey all the time. If anyone has been through the same thing please tell me about it.

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Hi Kristi, my name is Nicole and I had cervical cancer last year. So far I have been lucky with no re-appearances but I do know someone who had cervical cancer, had a hysterectomy (about the same time as I did) and now has lung cancer. She is a friend of a friend but I will check in with her and see how things are going. You sound like an amazingly strong person, you will be in my prayers. I will check back in on this site if I have new info after talking to her. Take care.

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hi kristi, i am kelsey (23) survivor of ovarian and cervix cancer. sounds like things are rough. i have not had any of the same run ins as you but however i just finished my po meds a week ago. i received doxil treatments along with oral meds. it seems i am so mad all the time and grumpy and i just want to cry for no reason. it seems my boyfriend can't give me enough attention. i am nervous and antsy. usually i am the happiest go lucky individual. never angry about anything. i am now dealing with joint pain in the hip along with alot of pain in my lower spine. i just went to the chiropractor yesterday and the day before. did you deal woth any pain like this? I am trying to find out if what i am feeling is because of coming off of the meds. and how long will it last? anybody have anything to help me out? thx - kelsey

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hi, Kelsey. Um, After my first round with cervical cancer, I started having pain in my right hip and joints and in my lower spine. i went to see a chriopracter and he wanted to put epideral shots in my back, but he decided to do a MRI first on my lower spine and it showed that the cancer had metastized and it was pressing on my spine and on my siatic nerve making it hard for me to walk. The pain was unbearable, but I'm glad he decided to do the MRI instead of the shots, because if he hadn't I may not be here today. You should probably should see your oncologist and ask if he could do sometests on that area just to rule out cancer. it may just be a side effect from some of your medications you took. I'm now having late side effects from all the radiation and chemo I have had. You are young, so please see your doctor about that pain. if you want to talk you can email me at ladydi916@yahoo.com I know it's helps to talk to someone who's been through about the same thing. My husband is great,but, It's not the same as talking to someone who's been through it.

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