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New and feeling helpless

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Hi! I am new to the CSN site, but needed information. A very dear friend was diagnosed with EC about 3 weeks ago - was supposed to be routine for acid reflux! They did the endoscopy and found the tumor the size of an orange and it has just spiraled from there - they did a CT scan and found spots on the liver and have ordered a PET scan to see what they can see - the CT scan also noted some variations in the lymph nodes. The Dr.s told him that it was likely stage 4 but other than that they have been very vauge - what do we need to know?? Any input would be helpful as well as appreciative. This is my 3rd close encounter with loved ones diagnosed with EC and I am just spinning :-(

KatBaloo in CA

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In addition to the responses you will get on this site, I would encourage you to go to www.eccafe.org. This is a site specifically about esophageal cancer. There is a lot of good information on this site. In addition there is a link to an on line list group sponsore by ACOR. There are 1200 people on list who all have some connection with esophageal cancer. Some, like your self, are care givers, others are survivors. There are survivors of every stage of cancer. The folks who respond to the list are experienced and compassionate. It could be a good resource for both you and your friend.

It is a bumpy ride, but there are caring folks there with whom to share it.

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