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going on treatment 28 then ct

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hey all. tomorrow i will get a treatment and then get a ct scan to see what is going on. it is getting very tiring but the fight goes on. we r still fighting the lung lesion and i hope after all this treatment it is dead. i have come a long way since my surges in 03 where i had a total of 20 tumors. i will continue to keep all on here in my prayers. heres hoping for great news for all of us. you all take care


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Your story is so inspiring. From 20 tumors to one is amazing. I will have you in my prayers that your CT shows the tumor to be dead. I personally got the news three weeks ago that my liver met is dead and there is now no sign of disease (remission). I am hoping for the same for you. Mike

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DEAD DEAD DEAD...( I mean the tumor, not you) Nettie my hat is off and my heart goes out to you...28 treatments! You are a trooper and my heroine.. Bud

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Way to go Nettie...keep it up. You'll beat it yet...as I hope everyone on this board does and continues to do. I'm so glad I found this group over a year ago when my Bert was diagnosed stage III. Today, he's NED and all your prayers that he stays that way are so much appreciated. I'll continue to pray for terrific outcomes for you.


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I will be thinking of you and sending all the positive fibers I can...

Keep us posted. You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Nettie,
You are a fighter, I hope and pray the very best for you and I do believe that you will beat this with your amazing spirit.
All the best with the scan,

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WOW! From 20 down to one. Girl, you are RAID for cancer! Sending you positive energy (I'm sounding like EMily here...) and hoping that last little spot is historical data. You GO!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hey Nettie--yu wil be fine babe--"ah feel it in me water!"
As you well know these things are just another hurdle to get over sweetie--kanga just proved that!
All our love and prayers Nettie.
here's a hugg from kanga ((((((((((Nettie))))))))
and Jen of course!
"Keep beatin tha sh----t out of it!"

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