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Brother With Stage IV

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f anyone remembers, I'm the hysterial/concerned sister who posted about 2 months ago when my 47-yr old brother, Dave, wasn't doing well. He's come a long way tho' docs thought he'd never make it after the last 32-day stay in the hospital. This beast is tough but Dave is TOUGHER!!! Between the power of prayer and positive thinking, Dave is back to work several hrs a day, doing his cocktail of chemos-- 5FU (gee, wonder why they call it THAT?!)/oxal/leuk & recently added Avastin, and living his life. Sometimes he is sick from the treatments, other days are good. Every day is a bonus and a miracle for all of us. When I first learned of his disease, I found this website and began reading, learning, listening. The best thing I ever did! There are times when a shocking or critical event can turn into a positive learning experience. (I felt the same way when my late husband was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away 10 yrs ago). You guys are THE BEST!!! Many heartfelt prayers and thanks to you all. This cancer is like the hurricane we are now experiencing in FL: UNPREDICTABLE! Keep fighting, everyone, and never, never, EVER give up. Big love, Lynnie

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Hiya Lynnie---aw--ok--I'll be honest and say can't remember you posting but gee--there are so many here and so many prayers to say that kanga n Jen knows we don't need to name you all--HE KNOWS!!!
Please do give Dave our luv from OZ.
Oh--there is a special "rainbow" coming from us to you.Most everyone here knows what is at the end of kanga's rainbows--it ain't gold!!
It is the one true thing that is why we call each other "family"----LOVE!
Welcome back Lynnie and do keep us posted.
luv n huggs --kanga n Jen

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Lynnie -

You really hit the nail on the head with your comment about "ATTITUDE and positive thinking" Don't listen to doom-saying doctors. You know, sticking with your hurricane metaphore, if we gave up every time they said "I think it will be a bad year for hurricanes here in South Florida", nobody would LIVE THERE! But we weather the storms and enjoy each and every day living the tropical life - when we're not OCCASSIONALLY putting plywood over our windows, that is.

By the way, my dad & his wife JUST bought a condo over in Punta Gorda a few months ago. UGH. But they're keepin a positive attitude and doing repairs so they can keep on enjoying life there - just like your brother!

Keeping you both in my prayers, Lynnie

- SpongeBob

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I certainly remember you!!!! I am the one who has a brother named Dave.

Life is a journey and no 2 are the same!!!!! Learning is so important but so are your cyber friends!!!!

We are with you and Dave!!!!

Lisa P.

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