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Hey there everyone...

I just popped on to send you a virtual post card from Cartagena, Colombia. We pulled in for a couple of days of R&R (talk about taking a vacation behind enemy lines!). We busted a boat carrying 5,000 lbs of pure coke last Sunday and that has kept me pretty busy. Street value was in the $100 million range. (Can they write that off as a business loss?)... But Cartagena is beautiful - not my first time here, but there's always something new to do. You should come visit if you ever get the chance.

Anyway, I came on to send you all a virtual post card and what do I find but a Birthday card!! WOW!! talk about your surprises! Where did you get that data on me, Lisa? Surely Jose didn't release it to you!

Lisa, Judy, Montie, Ross & Jen, Barb, Bud, Emily and Belinda - thank you guys so much for your good wishes. I look forward to many happy returns of the day and celebrating them with you guys! I raise my glass to each of you and all of the Semi-Colons. WE all ROCK!

Love you guys...,

Hast Pronto, mis buen amigos!!


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Lisa Rose
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Hi SpongeBob,

Would you believe I have a crystal ball...... No, I didn't think so..
To be honest I remembered your Birthday from last year as you, Emily and I are all September babies...
Hope your having a super " Birthday " and have a cold one on me.

Enjoy yourself in Cartagena.

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you are amazing girl!! no chemo brain for you! You get the gold star!

peace, emily the Libra born on the cusp

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Hey Bob--can ya look up Michael Douglas n Kathleen Turner for me--last heard of "Romancin tha stone!!"
BRING THA BLOODY STONE BACK!!!!!(errr--yu n me can share --he he!)

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Actually, Kanga, I did run into Kathleen Turner on the beach. Let me just say this... twern't the STONE she was ROMANCIN'!

OK... sorry... that was a lie... but I KNOW you were believing me weren't you!


- Bob

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hmmmm..no wonder you & Em are always butting heads..
two virgins-(?) Bud

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY FROM Sue and my Sponge Bob!!! Sorry we missed it as we were away at a BIG 50's carshow and Party that goes on for 4 days!!! So needless to say we had quite a few drinks to celebrate your BIG day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Bob and Sue

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Spongey - happy belated birthday!
I've been pretty busy lately, hence the fact that I've not posted for a while - but I had to log in for this one!

AND - take this opportunity to boast of my own birthday, Sunday September 12 - when I hit 40 - but somehow getting older is no longer something to fear - it's something to celebrate!

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