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small cell lung cancer, extensive stage

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My sister has been newly diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, extensive stage. I am interested in informations on others' experiences with treatment options, side effects, and how long it has been since diagnosis. I would also appreciate any other comments about their experiences they would care to share.

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Go to Ceezhar's Corner in the Personal Web Pages and read my story. I was advanced Stage III lung cancer--never a smoker. Two year survivor and am taking new drug, Iressa, for maintenance in killing any cancer cells that pop up. Email me here at CSN for help or more info.
Good luck to your sister and remember, don't leave God out!

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Dear liz1256, Check out my personal web page. I was diagnosed with sclc in May 2002. At diagnosis was given 10 months to live. In December I will be two years in remission. I received a blast of carboplatin and VP16 running concurrently with radiation. (Surgery was not an option due to cancer growing around my aorta and major blood vessels. When diagnosed, tumor was softball size and Dr. stated only about three months old. In September 2002, tumor was size of fingernail of your little finger. In December tumor could not be found as well as no scar tissue. My Dr. was and is amazed at the healing. I must give credit to my lord now for it is only through him and his healing that I am here today. The treatments were tough even with pre meds to prevent nausea. But my suggestion to your sister is prpare herself spiritually, and fight this disease with all she has. At times you think you can't go on, but in these times, you realize the need for God and he is always there, just waiting for you to cry out and ask for his help. Don't mean to preach, just know who is the true healer. God bless you.

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Gary, Wow, am I glad to hear your story. I too have sclc and finished chemo and radiation in August. I've been in remission but am starting to have pain my lung area so I'm a bit nervous. However, it's so good to hear from someone who's passed the 2 year mark with this disease. It gives me hope. Did you use any alternative treatments in addition to the traditional treatments? I too had carboplatin and VP16 but I couldn't tolerate the radiation at the same time so I had that following chemo. I'm nervous about that because I've read one's chances are improved if they are taken concurrently. Anyway, I'm interested in anything you did outside the traditional treatment that you think may have contributed to your healing.

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hi liz, on june 15th my sister was told she has stage 4 lung cancer, a tumor was partial removed from her spine. she has some tumors on her brain, and the spine still has some tumors left. this is a long road and i would be happy to email with you. i am really going to be curious how this all goes since she was given 3 months to live 1-1/2 month ago. as of today you would never believe that. she is up and running around. she had radiation on the brain and spine. and 2 chemo out or 4 treatments. but the doc held off her next treatment since she got sick and lost 34 lbs. she has been in the hospital and taken alot of drugs but she is stabel right now. email me if you want to. rathke7@msn.com robin and she has gained 15 lbs!

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