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Doctor Appointment

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I went to my surgeon on Thursday and he say's I'm doing really good. I told him that I have no energy and cry all the time. He said that is very normal considering the trauma my body has been through. That, plus all of you, have made me feel much better. My last blood work showed my potassium at 3.2, which he said is very low, so I'm to take 3 potassium yesterday, 3 today, and go for bloodwork tomorrow at the hospital. He said that could be making me tired too. I also, have diarehea today. My grandaughter had it the other day when I was around her, so I guess I got it. Supposed to go to a wedding today, but I don't know whether to or not with my bag filling up so fast and making so much noise. I'll have to wait and see. Please still keep me in your prayers, as I'm still trying to recover. I'm remembering you all in mine. I really feel close to you since I've been talking to you and sharing some of the same things. I love you guys.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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I think about you and pray for you every day, Grandma. You are strong, you'll get thru this rough patch.

Hey, stay away from those sick kids. Don't need to add to your discomfort. I told anyone who is sick that they are NOT welcome in my home. Period.

Keep on keeping on.


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Judy: You might consider immodium(OTC) or Lomitil-(Rx) for the fast flow..and regardig the noise, just smile and point to the person next to you. Bud

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peace, emily who will remember never to sit next to bud!

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Hi Judy, You are in my prayers. I know what you mean about the bag filing up. Seems like to me I can sit home for days hardly no bms(bowel movemnts) and soon as I have to go some where here comes the noises and bm's. I have gotten use to my colostomy now that I had it since May. Had one bout with irritation around the site, used A and D ointment healed it right up also used vaseline and it helped to. I Am on Medicare and they only pay 80 percent for the bags and wafers. Got a 3 month supply and had to still pay $80.00 co-pay. Boy those bags are expensive just for plastic. Sorry to no on about this but its good to know. Hang in there we are and will survive this journey. Montiel

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Hiya sweetie--kanga calls all tha gals that--he he!!!!(when Jen's not lookin!)
I was a bit like Barb n told all my kids/friends etc ta "bugger orf" if they had any ailments--worse problems we don't want Judy.
Do you know how many times this 'ol fella chucked a cryin fit?--aw--heaps of times Judy.
You have been thru hell n back sweetie so don't go apologisin for sheddin tears.
Did yu know it is "fathers day" here in OZ today and kanga had tears in his eyes--right after #1 son rang me to wish me happy dads day!
My eldest has been a bit remote from the family and talking has been pretty hard for him--I expected a text message from him and that would have really pissed me off. Lo n behold he rings me then after I got off tha phone I burst into tears--TRUE!--.
Jen asked me what was wrong and I said I was crying because I was so happy he rang me!
Judy--I have become very sensitive to things that happen--this cancer thing has really thrown me and emotionally things get to all of us!!!!
You cry Judy--let it all hang out--things will get better--but don't punish yourself for the way you feel. We can all relate to that!
luv n many huggs--kanga n Jen

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Hi Grandma,

Hang in there, like Kanga said its good to cry and let it all out, things will get better for you im sure :) I think all of us have had a teary every now and then.
In the mean time I'll be sending prayers your way in hope of a happier Judy.. hehe...

Look after yourself,

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Hi Judy,
Great to hear a good report from your surgeon. It sounds like your body is working hard to heal; give your spirit time to catch up.
The fatigue from low potassium can be pretty major, so I'm glad they are on top of that, too. You can lose potassium through diarrhea, so good to keep checking.
I was pretty emotional before cancer...crying at good Kodak commercials...now, there's no stopping me soemtimes. Kanga's right..great release, let it all out.
You remain in my prayers, the other Judy

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