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Need info on Saline given along with Chemo

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I am to start getting my chemo treatments Sept.17th. Was told by my chemo Dr.`s nurse that I would be getting 2 hours saline,then 1 hour chemo,then 2 hours saline. I am to have this once a week for 8 weeks. I am wondering if anyone has had this same kind of treatment. His nurse told me they go by how much you weigh an your age. I am getting chemo an radiation for cervical cancer..stage 1,1b.I am 55..an weigh 158. Was wondering if anyone has any information on this kind of chemo an saline mixture..an what was side effects. Information will be appreciated. God Bless You..remember..God is never in a hurry..but he is ALWAYS on time !! :)

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Shalom, I had cervical cancer stage 3B. I had chemo, radiation and bracytherapy. The chemo I had was sisplatnum (I don't know how to spell it in english as I have only seen it written in Hebrew). I had 2 hours of saline then 2 hours of chemo and 2 more hours of saline. I also did macro biotics to help with side effects. The only side effect I experienced was going home and sleeping for 24 hours straight. The doctors contributed my lack of side effects to the macro biotic diet.

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