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hey I havent seen a post from you in a while. puts on my glasses. are you doing okay? how is your health? yeah yeah i am nosey..one of my many virtues i am told.. that and being bossy. you were on my mind today so please let me know how you and your family are doing? i keep you and everyone here who posts in my prayers..thinks i need some knee pads about now.. so let me know okies?? peace and love to you and yours... ramona41

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Hiya Ramona. Hey--mores to tha point--how are yu doin????
Hows that tummy copin?. Bout time yu told me and also how things went at youronc. visit--or am I wrong?. Think it has just passed or are yu supposed to go to tha onc's on the 17th?
ME???---ah--interestin. Well, had to go awol a coupla days--went to help my son at work, 160 ks away--that was in between visits to hospital for all my heart tests. No real news yet. That will come on wednesday this week, then thursday off to tha doc. to have bloods taken and an app't. made to get an ultrasound of my liver--tsk! tsk!---it never ends--lol.
Not feelin too bad here, just still havin some trouble sleepin--don't take pills for that very often--try ta avoid them --he he.
Jen is good but obviously concerned about my heart tests--just have to wait!

Hey sweetie--how bout you use a little ink n do up a web page for all to see. Hey--a pic would go down well too!
luv n huggs to yah--don't forget that we both have about the same staging so if I can help let me know. Also want to know what you are goingto be given re; chemo.--kanga n Jen

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Keep us updated Kanga, and sleep well, Bud

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Thanks Bud--sleep came better yesterday after a decent ride on me bike--always good medicine--lol

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