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after surgery an soon to have Radiation an Chemo

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I am currently recovering from surgery for cervical cancer..went in to have a radical hysterectomy..when Dr. discovered that I had a small lymph node on each side of my cervix..was contained in my pelvic area..while he was there he looked at everything..an said everything else looked good..an no other sign of invasion. So radical hyster. was stopped..he removed my ovaries..an falliopian tubes..left the cervix an uterus..so I could have external an internal radiation to that area. I am 55 so thankfully I have already gone through the change :)I was one of those people that was so healthy..hardly ever sick..an when I was told I had this you could have knocked me over with a feather! My OB did the cone biopsy..blood test..CT..an all showed no invasion..just confined in the cervix..My Oncologist said it the 2 lymph nodes that was involved was so small that was why they were not seen. He said that since the nodes were involved that I had a 50% cure rate,because of having to leave my cervix an uterus. I saw my radiation Dr. Wed. August 25 2004 he told me I would have 5 weeks of external treatments..which would make that a total of 25..then I would have 2 an half weeks of internal treatments.My Oncologist Dr. set me up to have chemo also..which I will have to take once a week for 8 weeks..which he said that my chemo each would be about four hours..the first to hours being saline..then one hour chemo then last 2 hours saline. I told him my Oncologist said I had a 50% cure rate..I asked my radiation Dr. what my cure would be after treatment an he told me I will get you on the high side of 80%. I know I would have not made it this far if it had not been for God :) He saw to it I had the best Dr. in the cervical field..an highly accredited hospital that is understanding. I am one of the lucky ladies being that I have not have had pain since I learned I had cervical cancer..an still do not have pain :) I give God the praise for that always!! I wanted to share my story with you..an if I can help anyone with any questions concerning the Dr. I used..or treatments I will be getting..just ask..an any info you have if you have received these types of treatments I would be interested in knowing. Remember God answers prayers..I hope this helps someone. God Bless :)

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