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Caregiver Trouble

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Hi everyone. I'm 23 and have been battling Hodgkins disease for over a year now. I'm about to get an autologous Stem Cell Transplant in a few weeks. My father has been very supportive and taking wonderful care of me this whole time. However we've recently started to argue a lot. He is extreemly overprotective of me. Like I said, I only have a few more weeks untill my transplant and I start feeling very sick and tired. I know afterwards I'm going to have to be very carefull about germs and wont be able to do a lot of the things I like to do or see the people I want to see.

Right now I feel okay. My white blood cell count is very high because I'm on Neupogin. All my nurses and doctors say I should go out and enjoy life now while I can. Problem is everytime I try he finds some "risk" in what I want to do. Like eating out is too risky because the food has fresh herbs and spices in it. I know I have to be carefull, and I am, but enough is enough. I hate arguing with him whenever I try and have a little hapiness.

So my question is, how do you deal with an overprotective caregiver? I always end up giving in to him because he makes me cry and ruins my mood to go out anyways. I only have a few weeks left to do anything please help me.

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Being a Dad and Grandfather, his reactions are understanable. Try to talk to him about your feelings and try to compromise. Cancer is a lot about compromises. Join us in the Chat room if you would like. It is scary and confusing to begin with, but they can provide some support, although we are just passing time. Chat may seem cliquish at first, but many of us really do care about others and try to hellp.

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Sounds like your Dad is scared, and afraid something will happen to you. As the person before me said. Talk to him, make him listen to your feelings, and what you want to do. You have to let him know that you hear his concerns. But afterall it is YOUR life. And your glad he is there to help you...
I hope this will help

God Bless Tom

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