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New and scared...Ovarian cysts

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I was going thru infertility treatment when 6 large cysts have been detected in my ovaries for the last 6 months. I am very truly scared..lots of cancer in my family/

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Hi Tarae,

I too went through infertility treatment - 5 years' worth - and am wondering if the cysts are leftover from all the drugs to produce more eggs. It was so long ago and I've blocked much of that experience. I've read that infertility patients are second only to cancer patients in what they're willing to undergo to produce that cherished baby. Is your doc concerned? Are you getting a CT scan or CA-125 count done?

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I hope you can draw strength from your Dad. Mine too is my original hero. My thoughts and prayers are with you and him.


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The path report on my radical hysterectomy said that one of my ovaries was packed solid with cysts. However, there was no ovarian cancer. The cysts might or might not have been related to my use of Clomid 20+ years ago; in any case, they didn't develop into cancer - and there were LOTS of them.

I suggest that you copy this URL, paste it into the address box at the top of the screen, and click on "GO."
This will get you to a place on the ACS website where there is info. on risk factors for ovarian cancer. Definitely you should talk to your doc about your concerns; if (s)he tells you not to worry your pretty little head, find a new doc! But meanwhile, don't panic. Probably you won't have any problem other than the basicly depressing nature of infertility treatment (which is bad enough!).


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