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rare cancer?

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my dad was recently diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor poorly diffentiated of the lung, does anyone know what this is? and can u do anything to treat it?

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Sorry to hear about your dad - and yes, neuroendocrine lung cancer is treatable. I was diagnosed with lung cancer 1/31/02 and it turned out it was the neuroendocrine cell type. It is a nasty cell type as types go, and the statistical outlook seems grim, but after having a lung removed and agressive chemo, and radiation I can say that it is survivable. Except for some shortness of breath, I live a mostly normal life. Though each case is different, I can tell you that there is hope for those who have this cell type and it can be delt with if caught in time. Hopefully, this is the case. My best advice is to educate yourself [and him] of the options availble and to fight it with all your heart and soul.

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