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Need information on liver tumor.

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I have a very good friend who was just diagnosed with liver cancer. He is having some problem talking about this and it is understandable, but I will give the information that he has given me and perhaps someone can give me any information or encouragement so that I can relay to him.

First off, he is 47 years old and is a diabetic. He said they found a tumor in his liver the size of the end of his thumb, but that they are not operating on it for unknown reason to me, basically they said it was stage II liver cancer and one tumor. They have started him on chemo three x per week for three weeks then off one week and repeat of three x per week for three weeks. He is very down and depressed. He has even went to the extent of making sure that all his affairs are in order. He said the doctor told him that it was caught relatively early and that he had a "40/60" as my friend relays to me. I feel this is really very good odds, but I need some imput and some survivors success stories to send to him, as he tells me "You really do belive in Santa Claus dont you?" I told him his attitude is going to be a big factor in how he beats this.. I need some good news to tell him, perhaps some men that are near his age that have had the same thing happen that he can relate to. I have even offered to fly up to where he is at to help him.. but right now he is just i guess in shock. Can anyone help me? thanks! my email is marceia@alltel.net

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