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ATTENTION Young survivors. READ!

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well everyone I am hoping we all continue to post her because we need to hear from eachother and hope that they give us what we need on this site.... I am proposing that we start our own chat date and time I want ur responce on this and will hopefully come to a time and say of the week for instance like thu at 9 easternt we all meet in chat 2 and do this every week and it is just for us young survivors and will just ask that those who are not young survivors to leave the chat and let us talk because we set our time to do it. Please let me know ur thoughts on this because I think it would be a good idea for us to have our own time for chat and maybe that will help the site to maybe even launch a Young Cancer Survivors network if we show them we need to chat and post and need our own place to do it. Please let me know what u think about this and I will put a new post if I get enough positive responces

Love always

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I am definitely interested in this. I am going to assume that by young survivors, you mean people like 25 and under? I think having a set chat meeting time would be a great idea.


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Yes by young I mean 25 and under those that are most closly related to our age group in the same point and seems that we have found that 25 and under is the best age bracket hope to hear from more of u who are interested in this once I think we have enough replies I will put up a new posting with the day and time.

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I totally agree with the both of you. A set time and date would be awesome. Getting more of the younger survivors in CSN would be great. I can help spread the word if you need me too.


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I think that would deffinately be an idea worth exploring.

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Like ya man, everyone has to agree, man. uggghhh I am only 17 and have more maturity than you all put together. How selfish can you get, we'll just ask those who are not young survivors to leave the chat and let us talk because we set OUR time to it?????? How about if all the gay people get a time, and all the divorced people, and all the people 26 to 31 a time, and then maybe seperate what's next? race, I'm just tired of noone ever standing up for the other young people out here that don't want people to think we all think alike. Jimmyceesall

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Asking others to leave sounds a little silly and presumptuous. I don't think that reflects the spirit of why these chat rooms were created. However, I think I'm going to dismiss that as just an off-hand comment and part of your "brainstorming with your fingers". The *real* point I believe you were trying to make was simply to try and give younger survivors some idea of when other younger survivors might be available, instead of the random and eclectic assortment of relatively unrelated (but lovable) folks who are in chat most of the time. Not that I wouldn't go have a beer with a 58-year-old prostate sufferer, but we might not have much to talk about. Sounds like a perfectly good idea. Hope it generates enough interest. At pushing 24 I'm getting close to the "limit" I suppose. I have been a survivor for about 16-17 years or so, so that ought to cover the range of anyone who shows up. It'd be worth it if I could be of any help, especially to those that appear to have some anger issues...

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Sounds like a good idea

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