Dear Friends

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I found this poem and thought of you all. I haven't been able to find the words to thank you for being there, but this kinda says it.
Dear Friends
There are no jewels more precious
Than the friends God sent my way
My heart overflows with happiness
With the love they share each day.
No matter if I'm sad or blue
Or feeling down and low,
I can always count on their support
Until the good times flow.
]Many the faults I know I have,
But they don't seem to mind.
They know that I am human
And the good they try to find.
Thank You, Lord, for my dear friends
Whose love is tested and true.
They walk with me through life's journey
And will always help me through.
-Shirley Hile Powell
Now I'm crying again. Boo-hoo!! LOL
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)


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    Thank You, Iam crying right along with you. God Bless You. Montiel a.k.a. Livin
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    livin said:

    Thank You, Iam crying right along with you. God Bless You. Montiel a.k.a. Livin

    Hiya Judy--er--hang on a tick--Jen's gone off to bring me a hanky. Lovely of you to share this Judy.
    Hey--my apologies for not answering your prev. post as I had to go away for a coupla days and had 1 of them in hospital. Hope you are feeling a little better sweetie--thinkin of yah--luv n huggs-kanga n Jen.

    "gotta go now n catch up with all the other posts ah have missed!"
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    Thanks for that's what this site is all about.. bud
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    just smiles.. likes that poem.. and likes you too judy.. keep on hanging on.. peace.. ramona