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Please Help-How many chemos are enough

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I urgently need some help. My mother in law was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer stageIIIC in May2004. She underwent a hysterectomy, and her CA-125 fell down to 900 from an initial 9000. Then she began her chemo and after 4 sessions her CA-125 is down to 11. Somehow she has decided not to have any more chemos although the doctor prescribed 6. We have tried our level best to persuade her but she is determined not to go to the hospital again. I am really scared cz i feel she is doing so great and may be completely cured, but somehow she does not see that. She says that god came to her and told her that she is cured and needs no more chemo. She does not want to see any more doctors or have her tests done. Please help me cz i dont want her cancer to spread or for her to die from something that can be cured

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How wonderful that your mother-in-law's CA has come down to 11! That's fantastic. She obviously has been very responsive to treaments. My concern is that she will not go through the last two treatments which will solidify all that she has done so far. How old is she? I understand her concerns and I too have a very strong faith. But please tell her that although the Lord is the Great Physician, he uses all kinds of avenues to bring us health - doctors, medicine, etc. If she doesn't do the last two treatments it would mean that everything she has done so far was for nothing. I will pray that He will give her the wisdom to make a good choice. He can do His work far beyond what we think or feel, even using chemo as a means to help her. Tell her my favorite scripture during my surgery, chemo and VERY trying time was 'HE HAS NOT GIVEN US A SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND'. Read Psalm 91 to her which tells us how he send angels to keep watch over us. Please let us know how she is doing. I am praying for ALL of you. God bless you.

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One more thing that I feel impressed to tell your mother-in-law: Since the Lord has told her she is healed, then at least go for the tests so that this can be a testimony for the glory of God. Although we all live and breath because of Him, miracles are revealed when we can share them with others. So, maybe you can at least convince her to have her tests to confirm this to the doctors.
Hope this helps.

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My doctors encouraged me to have six treatments instead of the four I inquired about - I can't remember where I had read or heard that sometimes four were being given, but I had, and wanted to avoid it if I could. My gynecologist said that it would give me the best possible advantage, and that the cancer cells generally become resistant to specific chemotherapy, so it's better to get rid of it on the first trip through. If your mother in law was staged at IIIc and is down to a CA-125 of 11, I'd say that's remarkable, and she should keep going with the therapy!

From what I've read, we still don't know the long-term effects of the current taxol-carboplatin chemo that she probably had, but I'm counting on it doing the most for me to keep living for a long time.

I hope she'll take Monika's words to heart.

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