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guess what happened today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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well today was the best.!!!!
in my store someone has been stealing cash out of the register everyday for the past week. so i notified my loss prevention specialist daily about the shortages. he thought he had caught the person on tape,but to no avail. so now my district manager comes in today and writes me up because my office door wasn;t closed and the person that stole the money flipped the camera off. and also in the write up there is a policy that my asst;s and i have to do cash counts on the register daily, which is fine but am i being singled out because i had cancer. and also he knows that i am going thru chemo and surgery next week. do i need this stress at this point. i feel i am being singled out because of my illness.

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Hi there Fedester. It's easy for us to give advice, because we are not walking in your shoes. This is what I would do. First decide how imoprtant this job is to you. If it's worth fighting for, you should do just that.

Continue to do your job to the best of your ability. Contact this idiots superior ( everyone has a boss, even if it's the president of the company or store chain) and describe and discuss what is going on with you. I'm no laywer, but I would tend to believe it's against the law to discriminate or harrass someone because of an illness.

Maybe contact a public advocate in your area and see what they have to say.

Perhaps the American Cancer Sociey has a legal department that can give some advice.

Personally, if I could find another job, I would. See, I don't put up with anyones crap anymore. This illness put's life into perspective. No one need the daily stress you seem to be having.

Fight strong if you need to. You are right.

Best of luck.


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wow! good advice!


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Hi Fedester, You're right, you don't need this. When my boss "laid me off" after my leave time was exhausted, but then did not give me anything in writing, I did ask to meet with her boss to present "my side" and express my disappointment at their not being able to "accomodate" my needs after 6 years of good performance. Although they had no legal obligation to me after my leave time, the word "accomodate" sent them into rethink mode. I negotiated a different position with my company, having nothing to do with my former boss. So far, so good. I think I was able to do so because, in my heart, I was ready to walk away from it all. No job is worth that kind of dunning. Good luck to you; keep your own best interests foremost in your mind. Judy

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So very sorry you are dealing with this!!! Good advice so far. Follow your gut, but putting yourself through additional stress is no good. Either way, talk to the big boss, just for personal therapy, and the big people need to know how petty your direct boss is.

We are always here for you. Again, so sorry you have to endure all this. You DO NOT derserve it.

Stay strong, jana

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I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this on top of the other difficulties you are facing at this time. I think Judy's advice is VERY good. Not everyone can afford (literally) to feel this way but I hope you are able to detach enough to help them see reason. I know this has to be a big fat pain!!!! I am thinking of you and hoping that things are better.

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