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On a fun note.. I need help with some creative party ideas. I was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer. Did the chemo/ radiationthing and am now looking at surgery resulting in permananet colostomy. (Having a hard time accepting this... but will in the end). Before I go for surgery I am having a big Celebrate Life party. I was so excited about this idea I invited 25 families. So far only two have called to say they can't make it. YIKES!!! Please be sunny please be sunny please be sunny.

Anyway... I have been wracking my idea for a cute party favor that would convey my heartfelt thanks for all of these people who have stood by me so far. I am stumped. I am stumped on the menu too but that will work itself out. It will all work out... I have cancer so they will all be nice to me.

Does anyone have any hints or ideas????


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    Years ago, I went to a CASA-(ct. appointed special advocates; represent kids in court) conference, and
    on each table was a starfish, with a little story about a little girl who was walking on the beach picking up starfish and throwing them back into the old man came up to her, and asked her why she was doing this,and stated that it couldn't possibly make any difference, as there were too many of them; the little girl replied as she threw another starfish; "it made a difference to that one.."
    This might be a way of thanking your guests for attending..? Bud
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    What a nice idea. I'm sure it will all go well. What about the Lance Armstrong bracelets? Or the colon cancer pins? Have a good party and good luck with the surgery; sounds like your attitude will carry you through. Judy